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 This page provides online help for new users of TWiki, when editing a page - the area between the horizontal lines is included just below the text input area. You can customize this based on your site's particular needs, e.g. if there's some formatting that your users need a lot.

Keeping this help text short and simple is important since this page is aimed at new users. It does include pop-up links for more detailed help - you will need to test these links from within the Edit page for their JavaScript code to work correctly.

Formatting help:

  • Überschrift 3 Bindestriche, 1 bis 6 Pluszeichen, 1 Leerzeichen: ---++ Eine Überschrift
  • Fett Text in Sternchen klammern: *Ihr Text*
  • Kursiv Text in Unterstrichen klammern: _Ihr Text_
  • Links URL oder Name des Themas verwenden: JoseSocrates, http://www.portugal-kontakt.com, oder [[http://www.portugal-kontakt.com/][Link zu Portugal-Kontakt]]
  • Absätze durch eine Leerzeile voneinander trennen
  • Liste 3 Leerzeichen, 1 Sternchen, 1 Leerzeichen:    * Ihr Text
  • Weitere Hilfe zur Formatierung und Hinweise für einen guten Stil

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